Kaseware Webinar

Kaseware Webinar: February 10, 2021 / 3-4pm

Security leaders face a constant need to detect, identify and respond to threats. From cyber security to internal threats, risk mitigation and brand protection, security challenges are constantly evolving. Kaseware provides everything from case management, analytics, open source intelligence and much more.

Learn about Kaseware, a solution that integrates all investigative processes into a single platform, in a demonstration at our February 10, 2021 Webinar from 3-4pm. The presentation will be in English and translated into French.

The program will include

  • Introduction: Investigation by Image (IBI) | Satom (10 min.)
  • Presentation and demonstration of the Kaseware solution (40 min.)
  • Questions / Answers (10 min.)

Wanna know more ? You can register here :

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