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Satom IT & Learning Solutions is your reference partner in the ICT field. By providing you with the skills needed, our team guarantee the success of your projects.


Satom IT & Learning Solutions offers, on its Geneva site, the widest range of certifications in French-speaking part of Switzerland, covering the financial, technological and project management fields, as well as all the specific certifications from solution editors, such as: Amazon, Microsoft, Salesforce, CFA Institute, IAPP, ACCA and many more.

* For any change of certification’s booking, please contact the exam platform directly.


IBI Investigation’s solutions

Investigation by Image : IBI

Satom IT & Learning Solutions draws on its 25 years of experience in the field of investigation to provide you with a selection of proven solutions visible on its dedicated website “”. The solutions proposed range from i2 Analyst’s Notebook to solutions integrating Big Data analysis, the Darknet and Social networks.  

The IBI team can help you in setting up your investigation infrastructure, in training users and administrators and in creating specific connectors to data sources.


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