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The Federal Computer Science Certificate is the first diploma of the higher vocational training. It is obtained through continuing education and allows official ICT recognition at the Swiss federal level. It is the equivalent of a bachelor’s degree in computer science.

Higher vocational training combines theory and practice in order to meet the needs of the current labor market. By obtaining a certificate, you obtain a title recognized by the  Swiss Confederation, in your specialization.

At Satom IT & Learning Solutions, we offer different types of training to meet your needs: in class, online and live online, with different training durations: your success is our success, we will make sure your training is successful.

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Satom IT & Learning Solutions is an official partner of “The International Association of Privacy Professionals” better known under the acronym of IAPP, which brings together the specialists and the knowledge necessary for the proper management of Data Privacy.

Our institute offers internationally recognized data protection training and certifications, accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), necessary for all careers in the data protection domain.

Satom IT & Learning Solutions offers three IAPP trainings: CIPP/E, CIPM and CIPM, which cover the fundamental knowledge related to data protection. Additionally, Satom IT & Learning Solutions provide specific trainings such as the new Swiss Data Protection law.  These trainings are available in: English, French and German and in the format: “eLearning”, “live online” and “face-to-face”, as required.

In today’s world, it is essential to master the management of Data Privacy, in accordance with the laws and regulations in each country. This is why obtaining a certification in this field becomes just as essential.

The Geneva Institute of Technology (GIT), the training and certification’s institute in the ICT field, by Satom IT & Learning Solutions. Whether you are interested to deepen, enhance or consolidate your knowledge, the GIT offers a wide range of training and certification: Cloud, Systems & Networks, Virtualization, Project Management, Data Protection, Cybersecurity and many more. In partnership with Cisco, Red Hat Academy, Oracle, IBM, CompTia, Microsoft, VMware, Estiam, and others, you will benefit from internationally recognized trainings and certifications, to enhance your career.


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The Federal Diploma “ICT Manager” is the perfect complement to the Federal Diploma in Computer Science. It is the equivalent of a university master’s degree in computer science.

 It allows you to take a senior role in the field of information and communication technologies (ICT), to manage and guide your employees with modern management methodologies.


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Satom IT & Learning Solutions benefits from a more than 20 years’ collaboration  with IBM as an exclusive Training Partner, covering more than 300 courses for all IBM technologies, in English, French and German, and in the “e-learning”, “Live Online” and “Face-to-Face” formats,  according to customer needs.

Through this long partnership with IBM, Satom IT & Learning Solutions is able to  customized trainings, according to the specific needs of customers.

Business productivity is often linked to the mastery of office tools, such as the Microsoft Office suite. By taking our courses: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Teams, OneNote and more, we train you to achieve the expected productivity gain and to make you comfortable using these essential tools.

Project management is not a myth, but a necessity. Satom IT & Learning Solutions offers trainings and certifications on the most relevant Project methodologies, used in your projects. From the Swiss Hermès methodology to the PMI methodology, including the various best practices, Satom IT & Learning Solutions provides you with the knowledge and the practice, necessary to achieve successfully your projects.