Developing Websites Using IBM Web Content Manager 8.5






After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Build a website by using IBM Web Content Manager
  • Create components for reuse and ease of maintenance
  • Create a content authoring system and authoring templates
  • Create and manage web content items
  • Create a content library and manage access to the library
  • Add navigational components to a website
  • Add personalization components to a website
  • Use inline editing functions
  • Create and work with draft items and publish the draft
  • Provide secure user access to a website
  • Implement change management practices
  • Reference Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) files in presentation templates and components
  • Describe and identify the components in the Content Template Catalog (CTC)
  • Use IBM Site Builder to build various websites
  • Use the IBM Mobile Preview for Digital Experience Software
  • Install IBM Script Portlet
  • Build applications by using the Script Portlet Editor

This course is designed for users who need to build a website and authoring system by using IBM Web Content Manager 8.5.

Before taking this course, students should have:

  • Experience with using HTML and CSS
  • Experience in website development and maintenance
  • Experience in existing workflow and security practices

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