IBM Cognos Analytics - Author Reports Fundamentals (v11.0.10)






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• Knowledge of your business requirements
• Experience using the Windows operating system
• Experience using a Web browser

Unit 1 - Introduction to the Reporting Application
 * Examine Author Reports and its interface
 * Explore different report types
 * Create a simple, sorted, and formatted report
 * Explore how data items are added queries

Unit 2 - Create List Reports
 * Format, group, and sort list reports
 * Describe options for aggregating data
 * Create a multi-fact query
 * Create a report with repeated data

Unit 3 - Focus Reports Using Filters
 * Create filters to narrow the focus of reports
 * Examine detail and summary filters
 * Determine when to apply filters on aggregated data

Unit 4 - Create Corsstab Reports
 * Format and sort crosstab reports
 * Convert a list to a crosstab
 * Create crosstabs using unrelated data items

Unit 5 - Present Data Graphically
 * Create charts containing peer and nested columns
 * Present data using different chart type options
 * Add context to charts
 * Create and reuse custom chart palettes
 * Introduction to visualization
 * Present key data in a single dashboard report
Unit 6 - Focus Reports Using Prompts
 * Identified various prompt types
 * Use parameters and prompts to focus data
 * Search for prompt types
 * Navigate between pages

Unit 7 - Extend Reports Using Calculations
 * Create expressions using functions
 * Add run-time information to the reports
 * Create expressions using functions

Unit 8 - Use Additional Report Building Techniques
 * Enhance report design with report objects
 * Reuse objects within the same report
 * Share layout components among separate reports
 * Discuss report templates
 * Choose options to handle reports with no available data

Unit 9 - Customize Conditional Formatting
 * Create multi-lingual reports
 * Highlight exceptional data
 * Show and hide data
 * Conditionally render objects in reports
 * Conditionally format one crosstab measure based on another

Unit 10 - Drill-Through from One Report to Another
 * Let users navigate from a specific report to a target report
 * Pass parameter values to filter the data in drill-through targets
 * Navigate through multiple reports

Unit 11 - Drill Through Defininitions
 * Discuss parameter-driven drill through
 * Discuss dynamic drill through
 * Setup package-based drill through definitions
 * Step scope
 * Use the Drill-Through Assistant

Unit 12 - Enhance Report Layout
 * Force page breaks in reports
 * Modify existing reports structures
 * Apply horizontal formatting
 * Specify print options for PDF reports
 * Format data and report objects

Appendix A - Overview of IBM Cognos Analytics (Shared module)
 * Describe IBM Cognos Analytics and Financial Performance Management (FPM)
 * Describe IBM Cognos Analytics components
 * Describe IBM Cognos architecture at a high level
 * Define IBM Cognos groups and roles
 * Explain how to extend IBM Cognos Analytics

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