IBM Interact Building Interactive Campaigns 9.1.x






This course introduces participants to the IBM Interact software for creating interactions with a marketing touchpoint. The course provides a thorough exploration of configuring an interaction, building interactive flowcharts, and using profile and real-time data. This course does not include instruction in the Java coding necessary to link the touchpoint with IBM Campaign.

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe IBM Interact, its marketing uses, and its relationship to IBM Campaign
  • Identify key roles and tasks in IBM Interact and touchpoint integration
  • Configure an interaction via an Interactive Channel
  • Configure an Interaction Strategy
  • Design and build an Interactive Flowchart
  • Identify and describe the runtime components of IBM Interact

This course is appropriate for individuals who need to understand and use IBM Interact. The topics will have relevance to marketing analysts, marketing managers, application administrators, and system administrators. The focus is on how to build real-time interactions in the IBM Interact Design environment.

Before taking this course, participants should have taken the course titled IBM Campaign: Building Campaigns 9.x or have equivalent knowledge.

The following topics will be covered during this course:

  • Overview
  • Configuring Interactions, Part 1
  • Configuring Interactions, Part 2
  • Other Design Environment Components
  • IBM Interact Runtime
  • IBM Interact Additional Features
  • Interact Reporting and Analysis
  • Course Wrap-up

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