IBM Big SQL for Developers (v5.0)






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Developers, Administrators

Basic Linux knowledge
Basic SQL knowledge
Working knowledge with big data and Hadoop technologies

1: Using Big SQL to access data residing in the HDFS
• Overview of Big SQL
• Understand how Big SQL fits in the Hadoop architecture
• Working with Big SQL using Ambari and command line
• Connect to Big SQL using IBM Data Server Manager

2: Creating Big SQL schemas and tables
• Describe and create Big SQL schemas and tables
• Describe and list the Big SQL data types
• Work with various Big SQL DDLs
• Load data into Big SQL tables using best practices

3: Querying Big SQL tables
• Describe Big SQL supported file formats
• Query Big SQL tables using various DMLs

4: Querying data in HBase tables using Big SQL
• Describe the basic functions of HBase
• Issue basic HBase commands
• Use Big SQL to create and query HBase tables
• Map HBase columns to Big SQL

5: Analyzing data managed by Big SQL using Apache Spark
• Describe the purpose and role of Spark
• Query data managed by Big SQL using Spark

6: Using Big SQL with various data types and tables
• Querying complex JSON with Big SQL
• Working with Hive ACID tables in Big SQL

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