Office 365

Migration to Office 365

An integrated service offer: Satom IT & Learning Solutions supports you from the choice of license to the setting up of your Office 365 platform, while optimising every step.


Tips on Office 365 license type:

Satom IT & Learning Solutions helps you build the optimal Office 365 licensing portfolio for your business.


Study of the client's architecture:

Satom IT & Learning Solutions analyses your organisation's IT architecture to better integrate Office 365 and connect it with your other applications.


Study of the data to be migrated :

Satom IT & Learning Solutions analyses your data: "mail", "data sharing", "instant messaging", etc. for optimal migration to Office 365, taking your security policy into consideration.


Adapted Migration solutions :

Satom IT offers different migration solutions according to your parameters (company size, data type, need for continuity, etc. ...), to provide you with an adapted migration while minimising costs.


User Training:

As the usefulness of this migration depends ultimately on your users, special attention will be given to a training plan adapted to the different functions within your company.


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