IBM i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis & OSINT integration

Deploy the IBM i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis solution and integrate the Open Source Streams (OSINT) of your choice

The IBM® i2® Enterprise Insight Analysis (EIA) solution provides rich visual analysis capabilities which enable complex, disparate sets of data to be transformed quickly and intuitively. This data analysis can identify abnormal behaviour, which can compromise the environment in which you work.

To enhance this analysis, Satom IT & Learning Solutions has developed a "Satom OSINT" API which allows IBM i2 EIA data fields to be synchronized with data fields collected from Open Source Intelligence sources, such as Dark Web data sources, text data sources, and more.

This API developed by Satom IT & Learning Solutions for the IBM i2 EIA solution enables data analysis to be enhanced using unstructured data.

The combination of the IBM i2 EIA solution with the OSINT Satom API allows users to create associations from unstructured data streams that combine with the structured data already available in the IBM i2 EIA environment.


IBM i2 EIA & Satom OSINT

This new "enriched" combination is easily configurable by connecting the Satom OSINT API whose "Repository" is specially configured to integrate with the IBM i2 EIA "Repository". The combination of "Satom OSINT" and IBM i2 EIA, allows powerful visual analysis which gives analysts a consistent and comprehensive picture of information.

The results obtained from this detailed analysis can then be shared through intuitive graphical maps as well as by independent visualisations that can easily be included in other intelligence software. These visualisations can simplify the communication of complex information and accurately and rapidly help decision-making.

IBM i2 EIA is field-tested technology tested for more than 20 years by some 2,500 organisations around the world.

IBM i2 EIA Core Edition include the following softwares:
IBM i2 Analyst's Notebook Premium
IBM i2 Analyze
IBM i2 Information Exchange for Analysis Search for Analyst's Notebook
IBM i2 iBase Designer
IBM i2 iBase Geographic Information Systems Interfaces
IBM i2 iBase IntelliShare Find & Explore
IBM i2 iBase IntelliShare Data Entry
IBM i2 Analyst's Notebook Connector to Esri
IBM Cognos Business Intelligence
IBM InfoSphere Information Server


Satom’s OSINT API:
Satom OSINT is designed to fit easily into your environment. Hardware. This API ideally works on a laptop equipped with a dual-core processor of 8GB of RAM with an SSD. For applications requiring source documents accessible directly from the "Repository", we recommend a disk space equal to 6 times the size of the source data.

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