PRINCE2® Practitioner

3 days
2'200 CHF

"A true international standard for the management of IT projects ..."

PRINCE2 (PRojects IN Controlled Environment) is a flexible and scalable project management method that can adapt to all types of projects (IT, organizational, change management, launching of a product or service, etc.).

PRINCE2 provides a set of integrated processes, deliverables, templates, roles, functions, and a common language for any project stakeholder.

This method is currently the most successful and widely used in the world. It thus sets itself up as a de facto standard.

Course Content:

1. Reminders about PRINCE2® (principles, themes, processes and adaptation to the project environment)
2. Overview of Agile Methods

  • Projects and "Business As Usual" (Operationals Activities)
  • Agile base concept
  • The Agile best known methods and approaches
  • Agile ingredients (behaviours, concepts, techniques, etc.)

3.Association PRINCE2® and Agile

  • Why associate PRINCE2® and Agile ?
  • Situations for which PRINCE2® Agile is adapted
  • PRINCE2® and Agile's ingredients
  • The 8 key points
  • Preview of a PRINCE2® Agile Project

4. Characteristics and variables of a project

  • Reminder of the characteristics and variables of a project according to PRINCE2®
  • Notions of correction and flexibility
  • Hexagon

5. The specifics Agile's techniques

  • 'Agilometer'
  • Requirements
  • Communication
  • Releases

6. PRINCE2® in an Agile context

  • Compatibility of the 7 principles (continuous justification for the company, lessons learned, defined roles and responsibilities, sequence management, etc.)
  • Adaptation of themes in an agile context
    • Business Case
    • Organization
    • Quality
    • Plans
    • Risk
    • Changes
    • Progression
  • Agile and the PRINCE2® process 
    • Elaborate the project
    • Lead the project
    • Initiate the project
    • Controlling a sequence
    • Manage product delivery
    • Manage a sequence boundary
    • Close the project
  • PRINCE2® project in an Agile context
    • Adapting PRINCE2® documents
    • Delivery Roles
    • Contractualization under Agile
    • Advice to the Project Manager

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