ECDL Certifications

Satom IT & Learning Solutions is an authorized test center for ECDL certifications. The tests sessions are available for monday to friday, from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

The ECDL modules available are : Base Modules ; Standard Modules ; Advanced Modules.

Each exam have a lenght from 30 to 45 minutes maximum. To certify yourself, you need to get and ECDL ID (formely called "Skills Card") if you don't have one. This ID is indefinitly available for all the ECDL certifications.

Certifications :

The 4 base modules (See the beside table) allows you to get the ECDL Base Certification.

To get the ECDL Standard Certification, you must have passed the 4 base modules and have followed 3 standard modules of your choice.

The ECDL Advanced Certification is composed of 1 Advanced Modules of your choice among thoses proposed. Then, for the more demanding ones, there's an ECDL Expert Certification that you can obtain by successfully get 3 Advanced modules of your choice.

Prices :

ECDL Base or Standard : CHF 65.- InclVAT by certification – CHF 25.- InclVAT by blank test

ECDL Advanced : CHF 95.- InclVAT by certification – CHF 35.- InclVAT by blank test

ECDL ID : CHF 146.- InclVAT

To see the modules content, you can visit the ECDL website.

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