IBM Case Manager 5.2 - Integrated Rules






This course teaches the skills needed to add integrated business rules to IBM Case Manager solutions.

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the benefits of using business rules in a case management solution.
  • Describe the capabilities.
  • Add a text-based rule to a solution.
  • Add a table-based rule to a solution.
  • Add custom parameters to a rule.
  • Export a rule.
  • A Business Analyst responsible for
    • Scoping the high-level solution
    • Planning business rules.
  • A Solution Architect responsible for
    • Developing the overall design of the solution
    • Assisting the Business Analyst with design of business rules.
  • A System Administrator responsible for configuring the integrated rules.
  • An Application Developer responsible for designing solutions with business rules.

You should have attended:

(F215G): IBM Case Manager 5.2: Introduction to Case Manager
(F212G): Build Migrate and Deploy a Solution (Unit 1: Build a Case Manager Solution)

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